City Administrator/City Secretary

City Administrator

The City has adopted a Council-Manager form of government; therefore, the City Administrator shall supervise and be responsible for the daily operations of the City.  It is the policy of the City that the general and final authority for personnel administration rests with the City Administrator, with the exception of matters reserved to the City Council by state law. 
Jeff Parrent
City Administrator
940-365-5833 (phone)
940-365-5834 (fax)

City Secretary
Sandy Frantz, TRMC
City Secretary
940-365-5833 (phone)
940-365-5834 (fax)

Mission Statement:
The City Secretary's Office strives for excellence by providing quality service,
responding to citizens' needs and anticipating future growth so that the quality
of life in the City of Krugerville is enhanced.

The City Secretary serves in the following capacities:

City Council Administrative Aide
The City Secretary prepares and preserves all records pertaining to the City
Council, maintains the official City seal and attests all official documents.
Other duties include posting meeting notices, publishing legal notices,
preparing for and attending City Council meetings, preparing the minutes and 
maintaining the official Council minute book and overseeing the appointment 
process for the City's boards, commissions and committees.

Elections Administrator
The City Secretary serves as Elections Administrator for all city-held elections.
She prepares all election materials, obtains election judges, sets up election
facilities and prepares documentation on the voting rights act submission to 
the U.S. Justice Department.

Records Management Officer
The City Secretary has custodial authority for all City records, directing their
maintenance and disposition in accordance with the requirements of  The
Texas State Library and Archives.